how it works
How It Works

One click container deployment


Select a container size

Dev apps are free (up to 3 apps)

Select an app to run

CMS, Databases, Docker Containers, etc...

Scale as you grow

Add more nodes and upgrade your nodes size at any time
Everything you need

FlashDrive is a complete serverless deployment solution


Powerfull and affordable

Run an infinite number of nodes, as you grow

  • Guaranteed ressources
  • Vertical and Horizontal scaling
Git Ready

Git Ready

Push your code directly from Github or Gitlab, FlashDrive build it automatically

  • Push to build immediately
  • Plain DockerFile compatible

Zero downtime deployment

FlashDrive builders run in the background and update your app only when the build is ready

  • High CPU independant builders
  • Building logs and rollback
drive storage

Ready to Deploy Apps

FlashDrive Marketplace includes all the technologies you love, ready to deploy

  • Wordpress, Ghost, Strapi, N8N
  • MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, ArangoDB

Free Private Registry

All your build images are stored on FlashDrive internal registry for Free

  • Unlimited space
  • Free for all accounts

Unlimited metrics

We don't limit the abilities of your apps

  • Unlimited visitors and traffic
  • Always ON Apps
  • Free SSL certificates
Enterprise Ready

Packed with what really matter

Focus on your product, FlashDrive runs your app according to your needs

  • Containers As A Service
  • No Vendor lockdown
  • Load Balancer included
  • Unlimited traffic and visitors
  • Free SSL Certificates
  • Free private registry
  • Unlimited build time
  • No downtime deployments 1
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3 FREE DEV apps included with all accounts! No Credit Card required.