Low latency NVMe Disks for your app

FlashDrive's exclusive virtual disks technology allows you to add a local file systems on any app, with high IOPS, custom root directory, free daily backups and automatic replication over several nodes. 10GB per app is always free, additional space costs only $0.50/GB/Month (billed daily).

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Add a powerfull local file system to any of your apps

One Click Install

Choose a directory (like /var/log/) and click Add : Done

Free Daily Backups

Your virtual disks are backuped every night on a out of site crypted data storage solution and you have access to up to 10 days of backup history.

10GB Free with any app

Every app can create an unlimited number of virtual disks with 10GB of total space used completely free. Additional GB is only 0.50/GB/month (billed daily).

Usefull for logs, user data and data storage

Virtual disks are extremely fast thanks for FlashDrive's virtual NVMe technology. You can store any persistent data useful for your app and get NVMe speeds accross FlashDrive's datacenters.

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