how it works
How It Works

One click container deployment


Select a container size

From DEV Instances to big data powerhouses

Select an app to run

CMS, Databases, Docker Containers, etc...

Scale as you grow

Add more nodes and upgrade your nodes size at any time
Everything you need

FlashDrive is a complete serverless deployment solution


Powerful and affordable

Run an infinite number of nodes, as you grow

  • Guaranteed ressources
  • Vertical and Horizontal scaling
Git Ready

Git Ready

Push your code directly from Github or Gitlab, FlashDrive build it automatically

  • Push to build immediately
  • Plain DockerFile compatible

Zero downtime deployment

FlashDrive builders run in the background and update your app only when the build is ready

  • High CPU independant builders
  • Building logs and rollback
drive storage

Ready to Deploy Apps

FlashDrive Marketplace includes all the technologies you love, ready to deploy

  • Wordpress, Ghost, Strapi, N8N
  • MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, ArangoDB

Free Private Registry

All your build images are stored on FlashDrive internal registry for Free

  • Unlimited space
  • Free for all accounts

Unlimited metrics

We don't limit the abilities of your apps

  • Unlimited visitors and traffic
  • Always ON Apps
  • Free SSL certificates
Enterprise Ready

Packed with what really matter

Focus on your product, FlashDrive runs your app according to your needs

  • Containers As A Service
  • No Vendor lockdown
  • Load Balancer included
  • Unlimited traffic and visitors
  • Free SSL Certificates
  • Free private registry
  • Unlimited build time
  • No downtime deployments 1
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